Welcome to KEY!

We have been helping Holland/Zeeland people find jobs and companies find people since 1990!

About KEY

KEY Personnel was founded in 1990 in Holland as an independent local agency.  We are not a franchise.  The mix of positions we staff mirrors the staff of our clients, mostly manufacturers in Holland and Zeeland:  about 70% production positions, about 15% technical and skilled, 10% administrative and 5% everything else.

Cynthia Felix, Branch Manager

‍‍‍"KEY Personnel was the agency I landed my first job with in Holland. It has always been a passion of mine to be a helping hand for others and I am very blessed to do so now! I look forward to many more years of being at KEY and continuing to help our community and local businesses."

Stacey Bennett, Lead Orientation and Candidate Coordinator

"I have been happily married to my high school sweetheart and living in Holland for over 30 years.  We have two beautiful daughters and two adorable grandsons.  I LOVE my job and feel blessed to be part of the KEY family!!  When I am not at work, I enjoy time with my family or gardening.  "

Lisa Vonenivong, Senior Recruiter

"I have lived in Holland over 30 years and grew up knowing about KEY. I even worked through KEY! I never imagined I would be part of such a great team making people and the workforce in the community a priority. I am blessed and look forward to many years of helping others find their dream job like I have."

Anisia Chab, Orientation Coordinator

"I have lived in Holland my whole life and am happy to be with KEY! Outside of work, I really enjoy relaxing at home with family and friends and enjoying some nice tea."

Allyssa Shelton, Recruiter

"I have always had this passion to help others and never in a million years did I think I would get that chance. Key gives me that opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face every day and help them one step closer to their dream job. When I’m not doing this, I enjoy being a mom!"

Breanna Rykal, Candidate Coordinator

"Working with KEY has given me the opportunity to further my skills and work experience while being able to help others find employment when they need it most. Working closely with such a great team of people has truly been such a great experience. When not at work, you can find me outside walking or swimming with my handsome 6 month old son!"

Amy DeHaan, Admin, Pro and Tech recruiter

"I have been a resident of West Michigan for 30 years. and really enjoy the area's culture and people. When I’m not at work, I enjoy family time, music, and gardening."

Sabrina Sanddal Steketee, Founder

"How lucky am I to have this great team?!  Since starting KEY in 1990, I have had the pleasure of having had many fine people join our team and none finer than the group we have now.  When you place your confidence in this team, you are in good hands!"



Kim Larsen, Payroll/Invoicing & Candidate Sourcing

"After many  years of working for state government, I really enjoy the fast-paced high expectation environment at KEY.  I thrive on all the details that go in to making our processes run smoothly.   When not at work, you will see me helping at a commu‍‍‍nity event or walking my dogs."